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What does "She swims in my sea" mean in Saw III? I saw Saw III, 2006 film. For some reason, Amanda gets mad at Lynn, the doctor who is forced to do a procedure on John. Amanda is about to kill her by a gun in the waist of her while John seems to be unconscious. Just then, John stops her saying "Keep it away." Amanda leaves. John says to Lynn, "I apologize for her behavior. She swims in my sea." What exactly does that mean? "She swims in my sea." This part is translated into Korean as follows: 저 애는 나 때문에 저러는 것이오, which means "She's doing that because of me." swim in one's sea means to do wrong because of someone? Have you ever heard this expression used before?
21 juin 2015 18:29
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It's certainly not a common phrase, and I think we can only understand it based on the context of this scene. In fact, I think it was created specifically for that scene. Don't bother learning it. If you use it, native speakers will wonder what you mean.
21 juin 2015
she is in love with me, thats it. its a methaphore. she swim in my vast ocean, is not her fault, is just because she has feelings for me.
22 juin 2015
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