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Online Dictionary. Could you recommend me a Hebrew online dictionary that contains audio for Hebrew words? Thanks.
21 de jun de 2015 21:57
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Hello Mario, I also have hoped to find such a dictionary, but have not. Here are two suggestions, however: 1) Try to find the word in Forvo. There are many words pronounced there (and you can also list a word to request a pronunciation) 2) Learn how to read words with vowels, and then, once you know how to read, use a dictionary that shows the vowels when you need to find words. You can learn how to read with various tools. Learn the theory here: Then practice by using word sets that have the pronunciation, for example: Choose “learn”, choose “Hebrew”, choose a category, click on each card for pronunciation. (See also more resources here: Then to look up words you can use Morphix, an excellent online dictionary which shows you the vowels, or a paper dictionary that has also plurals and feminine forms for adjectives. I use the pocket Ben Yehuda, it is old and a bit outdated, but wonderful due to its voweled entries including plural and feminine forms. I bought it here for 6 dollars: The second method sounds like work, but actually what you are doing in the process is that you are learning how to read and you are learning vocabulary, which are both essential for learning the language, so you lose nothing. I hope this is of help
27 de Junio de 2015
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