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Caine Nunes
Well I have been dumb. I never really took it upon myself to learn カタカナ and ヒラガナ Alphabets but why is it I can still Understand quite a lot of Japanese? I struggle on Kanji theres no way I could know this in 3 weeks but カタカナAnd ヒラガナ Seem to be easy to understand even when I have not learnt the Alphabets. Well either way I think it's best that I take a look and study the Alphabets to see that I have not gone wrong anywhere, I need to know both Alphabets off by heart (Without Looking)
2015년 6월 21일 오후 10:26
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You don't need to be able to read the japanese characters to be able to understand spoken Japanese. But if you understand written japanese without knowing the Hiragana and Katakana, i'm really surprised! xD Even if it's just for speaking, learning at least one of these will help you alot with recognizing the sounds and with pronounciation. If you want just need to be able to read to get by, and not want to learn more than a little japanese, you might want to start with Katakana, since all loan words are written in katakana. So with a little imagination, at least you can understand the "engrish" in japanese ^^ If you are aiming higher however, learn the Hiragana first, it's the most important one :)
2015년 6월 22일
I'm guessing that means, Rest in pepperonis?
2015년 6월 21일
Good luck learning カタカナ and ひらがな!
2015년 6월 21일
Caine Nunes
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