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Cristina Sombray
日本語で 'My friend said to me that he couldn't come' 何ですか I wanna learn how to say 'My friend said to me' ' I said to my friend'. Thanks for all the help. 言う is a bit difficult for me to understand!
Jun 22, 2015 3:01 AM
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say = 言います(polite form)、言う(normal form) said = 言いました(polite form)、言った(normal form) 'My friend said to me" is 友だちが私に言いました。or 友だちが私に言った。 'I said to my friend" is 私が友だちに言いました。or 私が友だちに言った。 Hope this helps!
June 22, 2015
In this case, you could say, 私の友達が来れないと言った。(わたし の ともだち が これない と いった) In English it would be, "my friend said that he can't come". When you want to quote what someone else said you can always say -と 言った or -って 言った (very informal). and you always add it after whatever the person said. 言う has a lot of other usage as well, for example when you want to say "it's called". Ex: "I'm called David" "ダヴィドと言います" It's a very useful word ^_^ I hope this was helpful!
June 22, 2015
¡Buena pregunta! Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con Kumiko-san. :)
June 22, 2015
Cristina Sombray
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