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「早く金曜日にならないかなあ」 Japanese sentence troubles. I have a question in regards to this sentence: 「早く金曜日にならないかなあ」 I am not sure why this sentence translates into "I can't wait till friday". The part that complicates things for me is the combination of 「ならない」 and 「かなあ」. If anyone is able to explain this anomaly to me and whether or not this is actually grammar that I missed or something that I am just tripping up on I would very delighted!
Jun 22, 2015 7:39 AM
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The かなあ shows that it's something you long for. As you probably know, the particle か shows that it's a question. People often say -かな add some feeling into the question. and the long あ in -かなあ, indicates that you wish for it, of ask for it. I think you could also translate the sentence as: "Can't it become Friday soon?" with a kind of wishful tone. This is a very difficult thing to explain, and I think it might be easier to learn by doing in this case. Also, i'm not a native speaker.. but i hope my explanation helps anyway! :D
June 22, 2015
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