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Can you explain "would you cut it out, already?" ? My first question: "would you cut it out, already?" 你到底是有完没完? Does it mean "you are talking too much"? But I can't understand from the each word of sentence. Anyone can help? Thanks.
22 июня 2015 г., 13:07
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As I'm sure you know, understanding idiomatic language involves grasping the meaning of groups of words in context rather than the literal meaning of individual words. In this case, the sentence is based on the phrasal verb 'cut (something) out'. If you say 'Cut it out!', you are irritated by what the other person is saying or doing and you want them to stop. 'Would you...' makes it fractionally more polite than the imperative form. The use of 'already' at the end of an exclamation is typical of a certain style of American speech, especially in New York. It suggests that the speaker is running out of patience, as in the classic expression of exasperation, 'Enough, already!'
22 июня 2015 г.
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