who can tell me something about the business etiquette?
Sep 4, 2008 2:40 PM
Answers · 3
Dress appropriately, talk professionally and formally.
September 4, 2008
Like outer appearance is important Procedure and substance of the person I think is more important First, the secretariat and dedication to work and self-confidence and your ability to assume responsibility Be patient and Halim and heard more than they talk Customer care service and try as much as possible Be modest Shusha with the staff concerned and their And it must also be seriousness and firmness to work I work hard, and do not wait until the other hand, achieved success I know that every action or position or management Which is to serve the people Behaviour at work ,The art style and professionalism and content must be knowledge Every action has his style and manner
September 5, 2008
Besides the external appearance, show that you are a trustable person and you will succeed. What people wants to find is people self-sure of themselves, and this becomes them trustable, and when you are trustable, all businesses can be made, of course! Be clear, be open minded, learn to listen, do not interrupt, and talk confidently so you can be heard with attention. Head up and straight walk and you own the world, my friend!!!!! Best regards Carmen
September 4, 2008
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