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Grammar Question I have only been studying Norwegian for a week, so I don't want to develop any bad habits. I noticed that the pronouns seem to be said before all nouns, it doesn't seem like they can be dropped. (makes sense since you only conjugate the verb one way) My question is if I have to always say something like: Jeg heter Danielle og jeg kommer fra USA Or can I say: Jeg heter Danielle og kommer fra USA. Do I have to write 'jeg' twice in that sentence? Or is it alright to say it once since it is obvious that the subject of the sentence hasn't changed?
2015年6月22日 15:52
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You are right, there is no need to repeat the pronoun in your sentence, as the subject is implied. Both of these sentences are correct: - Jeg heter Danielle, og jeg kommer fra USA (notice that you need a comma between the two clauses in this one) - Jeg heter Danielle og kommer fra USA (no comma in this one)
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