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HyunWook Park
Is it correct to say ' I studied in Istanbul as an exchange student'? and a few more questions :) I studied in Istanbul as an exchange student. I worked in Germany as an intern. Are they all correct? and If someone asks me ' Where do you want to study?' Can I answer this question ' Hopefully, Germany.'? I don't know how to use 'hopefully' in a realy conversation, so if you guys can help me with using hopefull, I would be glad! Thanks a lot in advance! Hyunwook
2015年6月23日 06:44
Answers · 5
Yes, those two sentences are both correct. And yes, you can answer 'Hopefully, Germany'. That sounds like a natural response. NB When I was at school ( a long time ago), I had some very old-fashioned teachers who told us that 'hopefully' shouldn't be used in this way. But it can. It's fine.
All your sentences are good and natural - no mistakes. Like in your example, "hopefully" simply means "I hope" "I hope (that) it will be sunny today" = "Hopefully, it will be sunny today."
All of your answers sound good to me! You can also say, "I was an intern in Germany."
HyunWook Park
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