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Wu Ting
How would you interpret the word “men” here? How extraordinary he is, the good Dr. Kinsey. Another man in a white coat, with proof. Everything we ever dared think about men and sex turns out to be true. One hundred percent of men are homosexual for 4 percent of their lives (the Billy Boorzais), and 4 percent are homosexual for 100 percent of their lives (the Tommy Cuddys). Strangest of all, Dr. Kinsey’s book has not been checked out of the library before. Not even once: the slip in the jacket hasn’t a single name on it. Yet the spine was well cracked, every page of the book dog-eared and bent. How would you interpret the word “men” in the sentence “Everything we ever dared think about men and sex turns out to be true”? I guess it refers to male alone, right? Because the following sentence is about male. Thanks. And this excerpt is taken from The Lacuna by Kingsolver.Besides, in the next sentence following the following sentence, the narrator used the singular of noun in the phrase “Dr. Kinsey’s book”. And the Wikipedia says Dr. Kinsey wrote ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’ in 1948 and ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Female’ in 1953, while this part of the novel I’m reading is set in 1949.
23 juin 2015 07:44
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Yes, 'men' means 'men' here - the male of the species.
23 juin 2015
Wu Ting
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