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HyunWook Park
Is this correct to say' I will try to be fit with your travel itinerary' My friend and I have a different travel plan. So I said to him that I will follow his plan as my plan is more flexible than his. Under this kind of circumstance, Can I say 'I will try to be fit with your travel itinerary'?
Jun 23, 2015 8:07 AM
Answers · 4
Note that 'fit' is a verb here, not an adjective. The phrasal verb you need to use here is 'fit in with'. So your sentence should be: 'I will try to fit in with your travel itinerary' or, more naturally 'I'll try to fit in with your plans'.
June 23, 2015
"fit in with" = adapt to someone else's e.g. plans "You do what you think will work best, and I'll just fit in with you." "This component does not fit with that one - we'll never get this machine working again now!"
June 23, 2015
HyunWook Park
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