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Could you give me the meaning of this English Idioms please? thanks -have a head of heights-jump out of skin-have a good head for figures-keep a cool head-clear your head
Sep 4, 2008 10:33 PM
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have a head of heights-jump out of skin-have : its mean i have big imagination and my thinking and my brian not limit good head for figures-keep : good memory cool head-clear your head : and a smart brian so i can make ur head calm by helping ( give advice or show the best way ).
September 5, 2008
-have a head FOR heights- we usually use this in a negative way, "he doesn't have a head for heights" and it means he doesn't like heights. jump out of skin- to be scared of something "I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw all that blood" have a good head for figures- Good with mathematics, good with numbers (aly gave a good e.g.) keep a cool head- stay calm "It's hard to keep a cool head when surrounded by such craziness!" clear your head - have a break and start to think clearly, organise your thoughts "Too many things are happening at once! I need to take a minute and clear my head" hope that helps
September 5, 2008
Jump out of Skin : Extremely frightened, startled or scared. Keep a cool head: Remain calm and under control. Have a good head for = be good at something: Examples: "He's an accountant and he has a good head for figures."
September 5, 2008
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