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I wonder how many words I have to know in Greek to understand Greek television?
23 de Jun de 2015 às 15:06
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I suppose it depends on what you are going to watch. A political discussion between opponents is a quite different thing that a soap opera. Also, it's not just a question of words but more a questing of practicing the language and, for example, sitcoms use a rather basic vocabulary but the actors speak fast and use colloquial expressions. So, since there cannot be a tangible answer to your question, just keep on learning and practicing and focus in making progress. And good things will come eventually. :)
23 de Junho de 2015
Hi Sakra, There is not absolute recipe for this specific question, nevertheless I certainly believe that you must be aware of the phrase "Practice makes perfection"! If you wish to listen to a daily television shows, it is not required to possess a highly cultivated knowledge, however if you wish to listen to political debates, then you need to be highly familiar with the language. Hope this answer has clarified your concerns
27 de Outubro de 2015
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