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지금전화해요 means "m calling out" or "m on the phone" Hi As the title question, or this description has bot. meanings just according to the context? Thx!
23 giu 2015 19:32
Answers · 10
that's mean call me now!!!
24 giugno 2015
지금 전화 해요. this literally means. I am calling now.. But normally us(Koreans) don't say that phrase in this way.. We say 지금 전화 하고 있어요. If you are asking a question with this statement, it means Call right now?? But ONE tip is that don't put all the characters together.. separate like 2-3 apart from each other.
28 giugno 2015
I see, thanks!!
25 giugno 2015
Now I'm calling and now I'm on the phone ---> basically mean the same thing. "Call me now" I think is the wrong answer. Call me now! imperative mood. In korean: 지금 전화주세요!
24 giugno 2015
Mm, seems this sentence지금전화해요 would have 3 meanings (i am calling/ i am on the phone / call me now), according to different context?
24 giugno 2015
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