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Caine Nunes
"I will be (Said)Hours." Can you help? I want to say "I will be -Hours/Minutes" But I think this might be wrong (Because I construted it myself) "私はになります二時間。" "I will be 2 hours" Is this correct?
2015年6月24日 15:26
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I'm afraid to say that it's hard for me to figure out the meaning of "I will be (time)". Could you plz explain about when and how you'd like to use the phrase? (ex.) I will be 12 years old this year. 私は今年12才になります。 It will take 2 hours. 2時間かかるでしょう。 I will be waiting for 2 hours then. 私はそのとき2時間待っている(でしょう)。
Caine Nunes
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