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Văn Tuấn Kiệt
왔는지 or 온지? I already heard two people said this: Person 1: 어제 선생님이 왜 온지 몰라요 Person 2: 방금 누가 왔는지 몰라요 Why sometime it's 온지, sometime it's 왔는지? Both people are professors that teach Korean in Seoul, so I don't think someone will wrong about grammar...
24. Juni 2015 15:58
Answers · 3
The 1st sentence sounds really weird to me, too. A child would use that kind of sentence. Let me give you different examples. (1) 그는 내가 서울에 온지 모른다. (2) 그는 서울에 왔는지 모른다. (1) sounds like talking about the present and (2) sounds like a present perfect tense.
25. Juni 2015
The 2nd is correct. The 1st sentence should be like this. "어제 선생님이 왜 오셨는지 몰라요" If you want to use "온지", it should be "온 지". Ex) 서울에 온 지 올해로 십 년이 된다.---> It's been 10 years since I came to Seoul.
24. Juni 2015
Văn Tuấn Kiệt
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