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George Clarke
Any tips on how to choose the most commonly used Chinese word in online dictionaries? When I look up words in a Chinese dictionary (usually online), I find there are multiple entries for the same word. I find it hard to choose the most commonly used one because they are normally not ordered in this way. I'd like to find a way to choose the most frequently used word without having to always ask Chinese friends. For example: Searching 'octopus' gives 章鱼, 八爪鱼 etc Thanks in advance!
25. Juni 2015 06:49
Answers · 3
just choose the first you find... later you'll get used to the situations of speech and it will be easy for you to choose the most suitable one
25. Juni 2015
I think you could look up the English meaning on the online English-Chinese dictionary,such as and (most frequently used by Chinese).Use the direct meaning after you look up the word and use the Chinese word to consult.
25. Juni 2015
I think you should depend on the meaning of sentence ,same problem like you , it is also hard to me because a word has different meaning when it as a verb or a noun ........,but if i understand meaning of sentence ,it is become easier
25. Juni 2015
George Clarke
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