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Sri Lestari
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What does this mean? It's okay to eat fish cause they don't have any feelings
Jun 25, 2015 10:18 AM
Answers · 6
Maybe because they can't express their feelings like other animals do.
June 25, 2015
I think he is saying that fish don't have human consciousness or emotions.
June 26, 2015
ini lagu nirvana kan?
June 29, 2015
Thank you sir for your explanation :)
July 16, 2015
Curt Cobain's lyrics did not always have a literal meaning. Most songs were just mixed thoughts and rambling with a loose theme tying the words together. The particular line of that song would likely have been rooted in thought that it was okay to eat fish during lent on Friday when other meats were off-limits (Fasting in Christianity).
July 13, 2015
Sri Lestari
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