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Kevin Q
be adj to sb,be adj for sb,what's the difference between them? I need somebody give me a way to know how to use them. In some cases, I may confused about these two kinds of sentence.Thanks a lot.For example: This job is important to you.This job is important for you. His parents were equally important for him in his childhood. His parents were equally important to him in his childhood. I think to sb means:to sb's mind, for sb means according to the condition of sb. If I'm right , can I use it in other sentences with the same structure?
25 Haz 2015 11:53
Answers · 9
There is no firm rule about this, but in general we use "for" to talk about thoughts and feelings, and "to" when discussing more objective things. So, for example, getting a driving license is important TO somebody because they now have new ways to travel; but it can also be important FOR that person to feel more independent. In many cases, though, the prepositions are basically the same (e.g., "interesting to/for me").
26 Haziran 2015
Thanks a lot. I have given some sentences.
25 Haziran 2015
Could you give some sentences as an example, please? Maybe then, we can help you more easily.
25 Haziran 2015
Kevin Q
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