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Friends or Language partners? Hello everyone, I have a question about italki vocabulary. First of all adding people was called "language partners". For me this is not really appropriate because I am not learning a language at the moment, I am just offering to teach people English. Now Italki changed the name to "friends" but the friend request still says "I would like to be your language partner". So how can I accept to be someone's friend ( like on Facebook) on italki without being their partner? What are italki friends anyway? Are they real friends? Or fake friends like some people that you add on other social media websites? What do the rest of you think?
25. Juni 2015 15:34
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To be honest I'm not sure what the true purpose of the 'friends' feature on italki is exactly... You don't need to be friends on the website at all to talk to them or be language partners
25. Juni 2015
I try to keep the rule that italki-friends=people I actually talk to.
25. Juni 2015
I interpret it as "Give me some attention with the language I'm learning, in return I'll give you some attention to the language you're learning" in most cases. Or in some cases it means "Oh I like your activities on italki! I want to follow you and learn from you!", or it can also mean "Wow, you're learning my language so hard, I want to help you somehow."
25. Juni 2015
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