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What are some of your favorite or recommended self-study exercises? I am particularly fond of doing these things: * Watching Hungarian movies without subtitles * Using google translate and making up sentences with complex elements, covering up the English translation side while trying to type it out in Hungarian, then looking to see if I'm correct or close to it (knowing that google translate is not correct a lot of times either) * Memrise for pure vocabulary building * Writing conjugation tables unassisted for front and back vowel verbs (e.g. csinál/énekel) * Writing a noun (such as asztal) and trying to use the correct placement endings (asztalra, asztalon, asztalról or bolt: boltba, boltban, boltból). * Composing something and crowdsourcing corrections (such as italki :-) ) What do others do?
Jun 25, 2015 4:43 PM
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Hi Julius! I think watching films and cartoons without subtitles is a great idea. Everyone finds different methods useful - I think the best start is listening to children's songs and reading children's books. After getting to a little more advanced level, learning by reading funny things can also be useful. Speaking is hard in every language one is learning, but you can first talk to yourself and then to a non-native Hungarian speaker to gain confidence, and when you feel comfortable speaking, you can talk to a native speaker.
June 28, 2015
Szia Julius! Sounds like you have a great system. They have some good meetup groups in major cities and sometimes they have one that is Hungarian, where you can meet locals who speak the language. I have been watching children cartoons. Going back to the basics on how we learned a language helps. After all, we learned how to hear before we spoke and then spoke before we could write. The speaking part is the hardest for me though.
June 26, 2015
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