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Forest Abbott-Lum
怎么用“见分晓”? 我知道分晓的意思是outcome,solution,可是我还不清楚怎么用“见分晓”。
Jun 25, 2015 7:42 PM
Answers · 4
见=wait to see 分晓=分出胜负的将要被你知晓的结果=结果=outcomes let's wait to see what the outcome is... we barely use“见分晓”now instead of“等结果”
June 26, 2015
就是等结果、公布结果出来的意思。example:Let us know as soon as the results come out.
June 26, 2015
u can just regard it as a verb (vi).
June 26, 2015
见分晓 means see the outcome e.g. 我们明天见分晓 We can see the outcome tomorrow 比赛尚未见分晓呢 The outcome of this game is till uncertain 尚未 means not yet
June 25, 2015
Forest Abbott-Lum
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