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Don't take is so personally What does it mean? Please kindly help me by explaining this phrases to me. Thank you very much in advanced.
26 de jun de 2015 1:32
Answers · 3
Hi, I think you mean "Don't take it so personally". This may be used when somebody makes a joke about you with no intention to hurt you, but it makes you upset...the person notices you didn't like it, so he says: "Don't take it so personally" Or you feel somebody treats you in a grumpy way, and you think that it is personal, related to you...and it's just the way the person is with again somebody that knows this grumpy creature and notices you're upset may say: "Don't take it so personally" Hope I've helped...bye =D
26 de Junio de 2015
Do you mean, "Don't take it so personally" ? I think it simply means "Dont be upset." It uses to make an excuse to say or do something rude.
26 de Junio de 2015
"Don't take it so personally" is a phrase usually used by someone to say that their previous comments were not intended to be directed at you and so you should not take offence to it.
29 de Julio de 2015
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