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Carlo Francisco
何がのもじせい発うか english translation: how do you use the "no" character? PS im still not that good with japanese grammar, so please correct my sentence if its wrong :)
26 giu 2015 06:19
Answers · 2
I think you are talking about the particle の, but the character. (The character is the part of words, names, etc. ) There are various uses of の, but in the first step (for beginners), the text books teach it as "possession indicator". Please take a look at these sites. (How do you use (the particle) "no"? = 「の」(という助詞[じょし])はどのようにつかいますか。) I hope it was helpful. If I understood wrong, please wait for other answers or please change the way of asking.
26 giugno 2015
I can't understand this question,so please change this question easily
26 giugno 2015
Carlo Francisco
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