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Aleksander A
たら、なら、ば、ばあい、もし Can anyone please answer how to use them differently because i dont understand when to use them. Are there some specific sentences that you can only use one of them or are they all usable in an "if" sentence?
Jun 26, 2015 12:38 PM
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Hi! Aleksander! It's very hard to explain grammatically though... Yes, they are all usable in an "if" sentence, but I think that we usually choose them depend on the style of sentence. I`ll try to use all of them into same meaning of sentences. たくさん食べたら太るよ そんなにたくさん食べたなら、あなたは太りますよ たくさん食べれば、太るでしょう たくさん食べた場合、あなたは太ることになるでしょう You can use もし to all above sentences like this もし、たくさんたべたなら・・・ you understand how different them are? sorry for my poor explanation... I've recently realized all we have to do to improve our language is just practice. Please try to make example sentences. I'll correct them if they will not sound natural. 英語も下手でごめんなさい。。。
June 26, 2015
All explained in detail here:
June 26, 2015
Aleksander A
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