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Wu Ting
What kind of department is the clip service in the publisher? Of all things unexpected, this is the largest. Harrison Shepherd fires the shot heard ’round the world. That quote has gone everywhere, even overseas to the armed services, they’ve run it in Stars and Stripes. Here’s what one spineless fellow thinks back home, and you can bet Harrison Shepherd did not serve active duty: “Our leader is an empty sack, let’s knock him over, put some horns on a stick and follow that. Most of us never choose to believe in our country, we just come up short on better ideass.” Republic Digest, “Words from the Nation’s Most Dangerous.” Harrison Shepherd has gone to the top of their list, above Alger Hiss and the Hollywood Ten. The clip service at the publisher’s counted sixty-one newspapers and magazines running the quote so far, and the monthlies are yet to come. What kind of department is the clip service in the publisher? Thanks!
Jun 27, 2015 2:56 AM
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I think that a 'clip service' was a department that went through newspapers, finding articles that referred to certain topics. They would 'clip' (cut) the article out of the newspaper and send it to various customers. In this case, it appears that this is an 'in-house' clip service that just looked for articles that referred to things that the publisher had published.
June 27, 2015
Wu Ting
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