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Trịnh Ngọc Hà
Hi everybody, I'm Ha! Hi everyone, nice to meet you. My name's Ha, but you can call me Claire :) I live in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. I'm 14 years old, a pupil of a secondary school, and I'm going to take an entrance exam on Hanoi Amsterdam high school, Hanoi, Vietnam. Sometimes, I'm crazy because of cats :)) So, that's all about me :D *laughing* On Italki, I want to makes friends overseas :D And improve my English skill, too :3 Once again, nice to meet you!!!
27 يونيو 2015 12:05
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Hi Claire, nice to meet you!
27 يونيو 2015
Hello!I love cats,too!I have 3cats!(and a labrador)I come from China and I am 16 now.Nice to meet you!!!
27 يونيو 2015
Trịnh Ngọc Hà
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