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translate to hangul/korean! :-) ''you boys always did such a great job on stage. you guys have never failed to dissapoint us. i'm so proud, please continue to work hard. fighting!!'' it's for a kpop group. :-) kamsahamnida
Jun 27, 2015 12:18 PM
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무대 위에서 항상 멋져요. 한번도 실망시킨 적이 없어요. 계속 열심히 활동해주세요. 화이팅!
June 27, 2015
Actually, we use 'Hangul' as a meaning of Korean language too. So if someone said 'translate to Hangul', this can be correct.
June 27, 2015
Just here to correct something, 한글 (Hangul) is the name of the alphabet, NOT the language. 한국어 (Hanguko) or 한국말 (Hangukmal) is the language (Korean) ^^
June 27, 2015
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