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How to use "FOLKS" ? Hello, is folks formal or informal ? How to use it in a context ? Thank you.
2015年6月27日 13:01
Answers · 3
Hi Mike, It's not a formal word; you can tell this based on its origin. Nowadays, "folks" is used in a homely, colloquial sense to mean "people in general". Sometimes it is used to mean "parents/relatives", but we also have many other slang words: the fam, the olds, the rellies... If you use "folks" to address a group of people, you'll sound like a boy from the countryside! Some speakers manage to use this in a friendly and charming way, but as with most colloquial phrases, it just doesn't work automatically. This may be worth a read:
It's old slang, so quite informal. It's interchangeable with "parents". :) "Hey man, I'm going to see my folks today. Wanna come with?"
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