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At, in & related expressions 1. When I worked AT XYZ (department/devision/etc), the salary was better than it is now. Q: Does using "In" instead of "at" also work in this case? (Using "for" would also be natural, though) 2. When I was AT?IN? XYZ, the salary…. Q: Can this sentence show the similar nuance to the first one or does this simply mean "I was physically there" in any cases? Thank you
Jun 28, 2015 7:40 AM
Answers · 3
We usually use "at" when we say a place of work or company. "I work at Google". But you can also say "I work for Google". In" would be more the physical place of work "I work for Google, in California". When I was AT Google the salary was excellent. But you can only say IN for a place so you can't say "When I was IN Google" but you can say "When I was in California."
June 28, 2015
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