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How do I remember how to read some Japanese? Like I know the letters for Hiragana I need to learn what else so I can be better at Japanese. Is it called Kana or Kata?
28 juin 2015 17:58
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it's called kana, learn Katakana next and then the first 80 Kanji to get you started. Then I'd say move onto grammar, I would recommend the apps Dr Moku's Hiragana and Katakana to help you get all the kana memorized. Do you have any textbooks currently?
28 juin 2015
Kana is a main word for basic Japanese chars that includes Katakana and Hiragana But yes after your good with hiragana defiantly move on to Katakana. After I suggest learning vocab in basic kana fourm along side the Kanji for it. Such as the word ( to eat ) たべます = 食べます( in kanji fourm ). Just to lessen the strain of Kanji learning. Good Luck !
28 juin 2015
I also finished hiragana, that's already very good to read some japanese. Next thing to do is learning katakana which are used for words of foreign origin, like shower, and sports club. After that comes the difficult part: KANJI hehehe
28 juin 2015
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