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I asked him to do the job or I asked that he do the job ? Which one is correct?
28 июня 2015 г., 19:14
Answers · 7
They're both "correct," but use the first one -- unless you want to sound weird.
28 июня 2015 г.
They are both correct, but the second one is much more formal and old-fashioned (it uses the subjunctive). I would use the first format (to ask someone to do something) 95% of the time, rather than 'to ask that someone do something'.
28 июня 2015 г.
Thanks altini!
29 июня 2015 г.
I agree with the other comments. Both are correct, but the second is more formal and less common in everyday speech. The subjunctive is used much more often in Spanish than in English.
28 июня 2015 г.
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