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How do you interpret 'to disparage sb. for doing sth.' The sentence is the following: Do not disparage Ambattha too much for being the ancestor of a slave girl. From the context,I think Ambattha is the descendant of a slave girl,a slave girl is supposed to be the ancestor of Ambattha.But as to this sentence,doesn't it mean that do not disparage Ambattha since he's the ancestor of a slave girl??? Hope anyone is gonna make this clear.Thanks a lot.
Jun 29, 2015 7:46 AM
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Amazing. It did not make sense to me as well so i researched some. You are correct. This can not happen. This is just a bad translation. I found the proper text Long Discourses of the Buddha by Maurice Walshe It states "1.23. Then the Lord thought: 'It is too much, [96] the way these young men humiliate Ambatfha for being the son of a slave-girl. I must get him out of this.' So he said to the young men: 'Don't disparage Ambaftha too much for being the son of a slave-girl!" That's it. What you were reading was either a typographical error or is just a bad translation.
June 29, 2015
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