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Aces! Hi guys! I heard sometimes one person had often used the word "Aces" in conversation. The situations were - he agreed with somebody, approved something an so on. As I can understand he uses this word in tne meaning of "I agree", "I'm in", "That's great!" or something like this. I could not find this meaning of the word in my dictionary or in the Internet. Do the "Aces" have the meaning which I understand?
2015年6月29日 09:50
Answers · 2
Yes I've heard it used like that before in American TV shows. You are correct, saying 'aces!' or 'ace', means 'that's great!' or 'that's fantastic!'. Whether it's something Americans would say in real life, I'm not sure. It's not something I would say myself.
"That's ace" would be the same as "That's great". "I bought you a present", "That's ace!" - meaning "it's good" "Shall we go for a meal?", "yes, that's ace" - meaning 'yes i agree, let's do that' Ace would work in both examples, though it has a slightly more exciited feel to it, as if it's even better than great. There may be other examples, "I aced my exams" maybe would mean 'i passed easily'. I dont know where it comes from. Maybe tennis or the ace in a deck of cards or something else maybe.
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