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HyunWook Park
Travelling Alone Some people don't like travelling alone. However, I am a big fan of travelling by myself. I have traveled alone for more than 3 times. I don't mean a short trip. I traveled for more than a month in each trip. My first trip was in Western Europe, the second one was in Turkey, and the third one was in Europe again but Eastern Europe this time. I have met so many nice people while I have traveled. I am pretty sure If I have been travelling with my friend, I wouldn't have met so many nice people. I would have just played with my friend and been dependent to my friend. However, as I travel alone for most of the time, I become more brave especially because I feel very lonely when travelling alone, I try to talk to strangers to hang out together with me. I like this way and I will keep travelling alone. Of course not all the time but most of time :)
29 يونيو 2015 11:44
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Hi! I think travelling alone mens to do and to see all you want. For example, if you are tired, you can go to retire in hotel without to argue to nobody or if you want to see a museum after a long day of walk, you can. But for me the friendly and the company are very important for my happiness, so I prefer to travel with somebody :)
29 يونيو 2015
Yes, you are right! I think there are people who love travelling alone, But some people really don't like it.
29 يونيو 2015
This would probably make for a good discussion. I have to say I'm the opposite, I could travel for a week maybe two alone, but for a longer trip I'd much rather have a friend or family member to chat to.
29 يونيو 2015
HyunWook Park
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