Understand Comparative/Superlative in Ukrainian How does it work the comparative/superlative in Ukrainian? for example: in english Jenya is beautiful Your sister is more beautiful than you Your sister is the most beautiful girl in the world In these times i don't understand if Marco is faster or Yulia slower in doing their work! in italian works this way Jenya è bella Tua sorella Jenya è più bella di te (more = è più , than = di, [rarely che]) Tua sorella Jenya è la piu bella ragazza di tutto il mondo (the most la più [f] il più [m], in the = nel) Di questi tempi non capisco se sia più veloce Marco o più lenta Yulia nel compiere il suo lavoro! more = più than = di/che most = il più
Sep 5, 2008 10:35 AM
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There are 2 ways to form the comparative of adjectives. 1. we use suffixes -ш- /sh/ , -іш- /ish/ : чарівний /tcharivnyi/ + іш = чарівніший /tcharivnishyi/ (lovely - lovelier) червоний - червоніший (red - redder) розумний - розумніший (smart - smarter) високий - вищий (tall - taller) 2. or we put the word більш /bil'sh/ (more) before the adjective: високий - більш високий The Superlative form 1. with the help of the prefix най- /nai/ which we put to the comperative form of an adjetive: вищий - найвищий розумний - найрозумніший 2. we put the word "найбільш" before an adjective: розумний - найбільш розумний So, Женя гарна. Твоя сестра гарніша ніж ти/за тебе. (ніж ти/за тебе = than you are) Твоя сестра Женя найгрніша дівчина у всьому світі. We can say these sentences in another way (2nd variant): Женя гарна. Твоя сестра більш гарна ніж ти/за тебе. Твоя сестра Женя найбільш гарна дівчина у всьому світі.
September 5, 2008
in Ukrainian and Russian works on a very simple form of comparison. you just talk to them. I am rich. I am very rich. Do you want to be with me? and hear, yes, yes, yes.
July 13, 2011
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