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Why there are different languages in world? I've heard that we all from one category. The Human. So why we're using different languages. Who made this? Even there are more languages than Species of monkey exist on earth.I want to know about language history cause i can't find the creator of any languages. I know language is made for some restriction & To obey rule. Also it tends to give limiting area of visiting on earth. All ever I know... the language is made for to be in under control. Please give me better suggestion because it's presentation for weekend to my family... Thank You
Jun 29, 2015 6:31 PM
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The purpose of language is to communicate. The creation of language was the solution to the problem of communication - and this becomes your answer. Different people come up with different solutions to tackle problems, and just as we have different types of swords in the world, and they are still swords, we have many languages. This is a simple way of looking at it. Of course we may have to add in factors such as evolutionary growth in different parts of our bodies giving us optimal sound in different ranges, or some other biological reasons but that's a bit too complex :)
June 29, 2015
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