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anna huang
understaning of certain sentences "One of the major changes made was to have jobs timed and to have standard times computed.this showed that these divisions were overstaffed by about 30%.the general manager then ordered the managers of thses two divisons to cut staff by25%.this was done by transfers without replacing the persons who left;no one was to be dimissed" i dont understand the last sentence.what does it mean exactly here?no one would be fired?is it contradicted with the former stences? and what does "standard times computed" mean? Thank you very much!
30 июня 2015 г., 1:33
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No one was fired. They were transferred to jobs at other locations for the same company. Without more information, I don't know what having "jobs timed" means. It's not a common term. If the paragraph refers to factory work, it would likely mean that the managers measured the amount of time it took to do a job - such as assemble a part. After collecting the data from several workers, they could calculate an average time to assemble that part. Following that, they could calculate how many workers would be needed to assembled a certain number of parts per day.
30 июня 2015 г.
anna huang
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