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Please help me understand the usage of some words in this news. thanks. Original text: 저희가 청소년 캠프를 8년째 하고 있는데 제가 아청법 걸리지 말라고 교육도 하고 있어요. 아이들 입장에서는 경고라든가 중벌, 이럴 때는 숨어서 하는 경향이 있거든요. 그리고 디지털 속에서 노는 애들인데 문화 속에서.... 앞뒤도 잘 몰라요. 그래서 많이 걸려서 기절한 애들도 있고 그렇거든요. ( 출처:SBS News) Could some one help me understand below questions, thanks. 1. 아이들 입장에서는 경고라든가 중벌----is it means "to stand on children's side, warning and severe penalties are required" , and how's the use of the "라든" here, thanks. 2. 디지털 속에서 노는 애들인데 문화 속에서 앞뒤도 잘 몰라요 ---what's the meaning of this sentence? the word "노는" is it means the children who're playing. Thanks for your help.
Jun 30, 2015 2:47 AM
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I think these sentences are excepts from an interview on TV news. The sentences are not completed one and some words and conjuctions are omitted, Thus it is not easy even for a Koreans native speaker to understand clearly. However, I tried to translate some sentences in English in the context of sentences. 아이들 입장에서는 경고라든가, 중벌, 이럴 때는 숨어서 하는 경향이 있어요. However, kids will usually do it secretly, if they have warning or have risk to be punished by severe penalties. 디지털 속에서 노는 애들인데 문화속에서 앞뒤를 잘 몰라요. Even though they always play with various digital devices, actually they don't know the laws about digital culture.
June 30, 2015
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