I have a few questions. 1: I saw this expression, "biological need for choice and control". What does it mean? 2:Does the "her" mean the "each individual"? "They may decide to choose independently or incorporate others' viewpoints, change the environment or change themselves to better adapt to it, leave each individual responsible for her own well-being or take steps to prevent anyone from falling through the cracks." 3:Please explain this in plain English. "I know we cannot solely by our own stories or assume that the stories we live by are the only ones that exist. Since other stories are often told in other languages, we must strive for a metaphorical multilingualism, if not for a literal one."
30 cze 2015 04:49
Answers · 3
1. It's just saying that this need to control things and have choice in life is just a result of biology; it's normal for humans to want to have control and choice. 2. Yes 3. This is hard to understand/explain without context. As far as I can tell, it's saying basically that we can't only think about the stories in our own language [English], and should try to also look at stories from other cultures. Since they are in other languages we should strive to learn these other languages. [I'm not sure what they mean by metaphorical multilingualism here]
30 czerwca 2015
I would love to help you but these sentences are without any context, so I have no way of knowing what is being discussed here.Without the context I cannot explain them to you.
30 czerwca 2015
Thanks a lot.
1 lipca 2015
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