Need help understanding sentences. I started to study Korean a lot and I began to get used to different forms of words and is starting to slowly understand sentences easier by the days. it does make me think for a few seconds and then I understand it. Anyways I was texting a friend and I got this in response 거긴 또 밤이겠군요. 일은 끝나셨나요? If I'm correct..the second sentence asked if I finished work ? I'm sorry if it's a lot to ask for a question.Also if I were to say "Yes I just finished work for today" what would I say if it was in Korean? The sentence structure is what I need to work on as well. I greatly appreciate it if you could help me!!
2015年6月30日 05:04
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거긴 또 밤이겠군요. over there it's night again, right? 거긴 = 거기는 over there 또 again 밤 night 이겠네요 must be 일은 끝나셨나요? have you finished your work? It is written in honorifics. He could also have said 일을 끝났어요? which is formal. :D
but i can’t understand what help you want
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