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How similar is Portuguese to Spanish? Which is more widely spoken and which would one consider to be better?
Sep 5, 2008 2:25 PM
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there's no a better language... both of them have their own beauty Spanish is much more widely spoken...but I prefer Portuguese because it's my mother tongue =P... they are not so similar as one could think... the way of pronouncing words is much more particular in Portuguese for instance... and as it was already said above, there are a lot of false cognates...
September 10, 2008
As people already said, there is no better language. They are very similar and if you learn one of them you will very likely be able to understand most of what is spoken in the other language. I would simply like to highlight these differences: 1) You need to be careful with some false friends (false cognates), i.e., words that are very similar, but carry very different meanings. 2) It's easier for Portuguese speakers to understand Spanish than vice-versa. Portuguese has more sounds than Spanish. For example: a) Sp: has only 5 vowel sounds - Pt: has about 8 // b) Sp: "s" and "z" are pronounced the same (except Iberian Spanish) - Pt: they have different ways of being pronounced ("z" is voiced, "s" is voiceless), etc. This means it will be a little more difficult to learn Portuguese (as Valter said), but it will make it easier for you to understand and/or learn Spanish later. 3) Spanish is more widely spoken. It's 2nd in world rank for native speakers, but remember that Portuguese is not so far behind in 6th position. I would just make a point that most of Portuguese speakers reside in Brazil. So, there are pros and cons in both languages, it all depends on what you need them for.
September 7, 2008
I would say that both languages are similar and we can with a little bit of effort undertand each other, but fluency demand a lot of study. Most widely spoken is Spanish and Portuguese is by far more difficult to master. Well we could say that Spanish is a language with great chances to be the most used language apart from English for internacional communication because of developing countries but I woudn't say it's better. I speak English, Japanese, Portuguese and a bit of Spanish all of these are equally important and it has its' individual value.
September 7, 2008
both languages are good, but if u learn spanish, u will be able to more people than if u learn portuguese. Both have the same difficult to understanding, but if u learn portuguese or spanish, u will be more likely to learning the other one .
September 5, 2008
it is kind of similar you kind of understand it if you are a native speaker of both, spanish is more spoken, but both are good languages, none is better than the other
September 5, 2008
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