what are the bases of friendship in your opinion ?
Sep 5, 2008 2:36 PM
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trust ,kind ,responsibility,accept ,mercy and commit yourself to friends
September 8, 2008
trust matters soooo much , existance of things in common , love and care
September 5, 2008
Friendship is the human relation in which to choose whom to love, so the basic necessary is trust and respect, and then all the other values shall be automatically applied, like for example admiration and acceptation, because a friend is the only one that stays at your side despite of knowing exactly how you are and never needs to be called when you really need him/her. Friendship is like a delicate flower, needs daily care because with a minimum effort can get broken and die. A good friend knows even when to stay in silence, just giving its presence to let you know how much cares about you. People knows many people but real friends are a few. If you have more of those that can be counted with your 2 hands, then you are millionaire and surely deserve it because you also are a good friend. I feel I am a billionaire but it takes me 24/7 to deeply care all my friendships, and this is not because I am a lucky person, it is because I work hard in keeping that precious feeling intact, by all means. A big and friendly hug, Carmen
September 5, 2008
I think my friend first should be loyal , optimistic ,kind
September 10, 2008
I think that loyalty is the basis of a friendship. Unless your friends are loyal, you won't be able to trust them with your problems and vice versa.
September 6, 2008
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