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how can i improve my speaking english?
Sep 5, 2008 3:02 PM
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Hi, in order to improve your spoken English[NOT speaking English] why not go up to Resources & click onto 'How to speak English like a native speaker'. Then you can find an English speaker to talk to when you click onto Find a language Partner at the top.I wish you every success!
September 6, 2008
"spoken English" In addition to all of those, I'd say fastidiously studying linguistics texts, if you find some really erudite stuff it'll help a lot with particulars. Practice phonemes you can't say, it takes work but is really worth it. You should really study intercultural communication, since you're Asian there are a lot of differences that could pose some problems if unaddressed. Luckily it's English, there's tons of resources out there, lots of movies and television and all. A good idea with most languages is to blur all your shit together. Especially in British English...things are not perfectly pronounced, people have strange accents. No one says, "I am prob-ab-ly going to go to the library this afternoon." They'll say, "I'm prob'ly gonna go to the library this afternoon." Honestly, I don't think songs are a really good way. The military uses drills a lot, they work really well for rapidly gaining fluency. Remember, remember, cultural diff-er-ences! Raise your voice for questions, lower it for statements (they don't have this in Russian!) and smile a lot, Americans LOVE that shit, it's so jarring coming from Russia :) Good luck chicaaaa!
September 5, 2008
I've found in learning other languages, it's helpful to start writing out sentences of everyday dialogue that you use in your own language. You can then find fluent (or native) speakers of English to practice with and learn from how they speak, and more so with speakers from other areas. :-)) More exposure = better chances at learning!
September 5, 2008
hehe , i think talk with much person who speak english is a good way ^_^
September 8, 2008
first :to find a suitable way your own learning second :to use after learn to express themselves
September 6, 2008
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