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How do you say, Don't have to do............ I know how to say that you have to do something in Japanese たとえば、来週メルボアンに行かなければなりません。 How do I say that I don’t have to do something – in particular, to explain that now, I don’t have to go to Melbourne. I know how to use 。。なくてもいいです to say that it is okay, even if you don’t do ….., but it sounds like giving permission to someone to not do something. But that is not the same as saying, previously, I had to do something (there was a requirement/duty on me to do that thing), but now that requirement no longer exists, so I am free to not do it. It maybe that なくてもいいです is the way this is expressed in Japanese, but I am not quite sure, so would appreciate advice. Thank you
Jul 1, 2015 5:12 AM
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...なくてもいいです can be translated as "don't need to do", so in your case, I would say in Japanese 来週、メルボルンにいく必要がありません. (Depending on the context, …なくてもいいです sound not only for giving permission in Japanese, however I prefer using …必要がありません in this case.) I hope this was helpful.
July 1, 2015
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