How do you say...? In Japanese,how do you say the following? 'This (item) is for you.' 'I want to give you this./I want you to have this.' 'would you like to have this?' I've found ive needed to say these sorts of things but didn't know how. Thank you very much for your time. よろしくお願いします。
Jul 1, 2015 2:42 PM
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I agree with ukibee-san and I think there are more options depending on the situation. Here is what I would say them (with very literal translations). This (item) is for you. これはあなたに。 この(item)はあなたのためによういしました。(I prepared this item for you.) I want to give you this. これをあなたにおくります。(I'll / I want to gift this to you / to send this to you. おくる[贈る]=to gift, [送る]=to send) こちらをあなたにさしあげたいです。(more polite, I'd like to gift this to you.) I want you to have this. これをあなたにもっていてほしいです。 これをうけとってほしいです。(I want you to receive this.) Would you like to have this? これをもっていてくれますか。(Would you have / Could you have...?) これをうけとってくれますか。(Would / Could you receive this?) If you want to know how to say in more polite way, please let me know. I hope this was helpful.
July 2, 2015
hello! 'This (item) is for you.' ・・・これをあなた(のため)に。 'I want to give you this.・・・私は、これをあなたにあげたい(与えたい)。 I want you to have this.' ・・・私は、あなたにこれをもらってほしい。 'would you like to have this?'・・・これをもらってもらえませんか? i wish you could understand them. thank you! :)
July 1, 2015
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