What better way to speaking English fluently?
Jul 2, 2015 7:53 PM
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-listen more than you speak what you need is more input than output (like babies learn) -do not worry about grammar, if you start to think about grammar you will think about english and what you need is think in english -do not think before speak, just speak as you can, with time you will learn the rules but in a natural way -should listen little stories to improve you listening -do not study words one by one, study words in sentences and learn all the concept -speak with yourself (sounds crazy but it work)
July 2, 2015
To speak more fluently, you need to do two main things: 1. Listen a lot to native audio of natural situations -- TV shows or Youtube videos in which normal people interact in daily life, for example. 2. Imitate native speakers. Listen to a sentence, and then repeat it several times. There is a technique called "shadowing" that I find very useful. Record yourself and play it back. Notice where you have problems and concentrate on fixing them. If you don't sound right and you cannot figure out what you are doing wrong, get help from a professional on how to shape your mouth and where to put your tongue and how to breathe so you can produce the same sounds as a native. Speak out loud. Talk to yourself in your new language, as much as possible. Your inner voice is not the same, and it is not good enough to only say things in your mind. Describe the world around you in the new language, every common thing. You will develop more vocabulary, better sound, and greater fluency the more you do this. Practice, practice, practice. After you have done that a lot, start speaking with native speakers so you learn to think on your feet, and respond appropriately in conversation. Record those sessions and play them back to analyze what you need to improve.
July 3, 2015
First u should know the basic tenses and words Then improve your writing Then contact with English people Then speak , I think
July 2, 2015
study english and try to watch movies so you hear it being used, and by typing to and talking to english speakers
July 2, 2015
talking to english people.... finding ur mistakes and trying to solve the problem of pronounciations and movies are the best way ( I think)
July 2, 2015
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