Where should I begin? (When learning icelandic) under this year I have been trying to learn some Icelandic and I know some basic words, but my question is: should I learn more words or should i try getting in to the hard grammatical stuff? or is it better to focus on basic phrases? as you can tell by my questions I don´t really know where to start, so I would be grateful if someone gave me some tips on how to learn Icelandic. I am new to this site so I don`t know if this is the way it works, but if not please tell me how to do it the right way ;P
Jul 3, 2015 4:27 PM
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It depends on your goals. If you want to be able to converse with people, I would ignore grammar for now, memorize some phrases, and then actually speak with some Icelanders. Grammar is so much easier to learn once you've had some context. But if your goal is to be able to read Icelandic text, grammar is probably more important. In either case, I'd recommend Beginner's Icelandic by Hilmarsdóttir and Kozlowski. It's a good text to start off with. Once you've finished that, I'd follow up with Colloquial Icelandic, which is a bit intense grammar-wise.
July 9, 2015
As a learner of Icelandic, I think it is best to integrate all aspects of the language. The best learning resource I have found for this is Teach Yourself Icelandic. You can get it from Amazon or Ebay. Make sure you get the CDs with it to help your pronunciation! Have fun!
July 15, 2015
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