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심가/기분, 손뼉/손바닥, 자정/밤중 차이가 뭐에요? So many similar words in Korean, but I think they must have something difference. Anyone can help me?
Jul 3, 2015 7:05 PM
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심기 : mood 심기 is usually used when feel uncomfortable or in the bad mood Also 심기 is used with verb "불편하다/좋지 않다" . 심기가 불편하다 / 좋지않다, 심기를 건드리다 (O) 심기가 나쁘다 (X) I feel uncomfortable 기분 : feeling, mood 기분 is used when either in a good or bad mood. ex) 그는 어제밤 기분이 좋았다 He was in a bad mood last night. 기분 is used with verb "나쁘다/ 좋지 않다" but is not used with verb "불편하다" 기분이 나쁘다/좋지 않다/좋다 (O), 기분이 불편하다 (X) 손뼉: clapping 손바닥: palm 자정: midnight (12:00 am) 밤중: the middle of night
July 3, 2015
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