what does "we would class it up"mean? “I’m staying.” “No shit?” Mike’s grin stretched as he gave Eli a punch on the shoulder. “Man, glad to hear it. We could use some fresh meat in our monthly poker games. And we’d class it up holding it here when you’re up.” “What’s the buy in?” “Fifty. We’re small-time.” “Let me know next time you’re setting up. The thing’s upstairs,” Eli said, gesturing and turning for the steps. “Third floor.” “Cool. I’ve never been up there.”2. what does "holding it here"mean?3.what does "when you're up"mean?4.what does "buy in"mean?5. does "fifity"= how people involved in the poker game, or does is = Gambling money?6. what does "we're small-time"mean?7.does "set up"="begin/prepare"a poker game?
Jul 4, 2015 10:39 AM
Answers · 1
I'm going to take a stab and say that they're talking about holding the poker game at the other guy's house. "Class it up" means to "up the classiness" essentially, so I'm assuming the guy has a nice home. "Holding it here" refers to holding the poker games at his place, to have it there. "When you're up" refers to when it is his responsibility to host - I'm g uessing they have a rotation for who hosts the games, so when "he's up", it's his turn. A "buy in" in poker is the entry fee for the game. Fifty is the "buy in", $50. "We're small time" is him saying that the $50 is a small "buy in". "Small time", as opposed to "big time", refers to a lower magnitude affair. 7. Yes.
July 4, 2015
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